Butch W.

After we did the first pass to check the winds and I got a close look, I told Will I would prefer to have him demonstrate the landing and then I would do the takeoff.  ;-) 


Attached is a picture out the front as we turned onto short final. You can see why a go-around is not a good idea. Also, notice the altimeter and look at the landscape! 

The second picture is of me and my daughter beside of the 172 on the beach of the lake. BTW, while taxiing into the beach, both Will and I had our doors open looking forward so we could spot the three VW bus size boulders just under the water guarding the beach. It wasn't very hard spotting them in the crystal clear water, but...Anyway, I did the takeoff, flew over a few more fjords and glaciers on the way back to the base at Upper Trail Lake.




Take care,

Butch W.