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Flying one of our Super Cubs around Alaska is absolutely the adventure of your lifetime. Watch the slideshow - Spot Adventures  - and retrace the flight of one of our students flying with Darlene (one of our CFIs).  


*Alaska Pilots - Attention - You must read this regarding SES Training  Lake Hood.

What you will miss -

I cannot emphasize enough, to read the articles by 

by Barbara Rowel,  Going for Water Wings ,

and Patrick Mathews, Read the Water, Floatplane Flying in Alaska,  

and the many other articles written by our former students. 

In these articles you will discover why pilots from 
all walks of life come to this mountain location to earn their seaplane ratings in our Super Cubs. 


WARNING!  Some schools put you in the back seat of old J-3s or use old PA-22s or Taylorcrafts. Alaska Float Ratings uses the classic of Alaska airplanes --- the PA-18 Super Cub, and we're saving the front seat for you. 



                                                  Trail lake in Moose Pass

On approach, You are in the front seat

Challenging Backcountry Flying

         "An adventure the moment you leave the dock!"  

              B.N. former Navy carrier pilot, now retired airline pilot


"It was like my primary military flight instruction. I wouldn't have gone anywhere else."

Joe, Navy helicopter pilot, June 2011


"Wish I'd signed up for the ten hour course. I would have loved to had time to explore more lakes in the mountains."

Megan, commuter pilot, June 2011


"I've had a lot of flights in my over 10,000 hours. The last exploring flight I had here was a Flight of a Lifetime!"

Chris, UPS pilot, June 2011


"Powerful forces created the extraordinary topography of Alaska's Kenai Peninsula.

  Mother Nature had also created one of Earth's most challenging and

spectacular aviation environments." 

 Read the Water, Floatplane Flying in Alaska  by Patrick Mathews

AOPA Magazine, September 2002 Volume 45 / Number 9 


  Fly in "canyons where glaciers, mountains, and lakes

are stacked together in narrow sheer-walled valleys ."

               Going for Water Wings  by Barbara Rowell

 Plane and Pilot, January 1994

I will redefine your expectations of flight training

"Alaska Float Ratings has the most professional,

comprehensive, and organized course

I have experienced in the civilian world." 

P. N., former USAF F-15 pilot, now airline pilot


J.J. Frey, one of the most knowledgeable people in the world

about seaplane flying, a sought-after speaker,

author of the best selling book "How to Fly Floats,"

and former President of EDO Corporation says,


"If you want more than just a rating, Then go see Vern.

I highly recommend Alaska Float Ratings." 

Find out why we say on take off: "Ready to rock and roll."

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"I will redefine your expectations of flight training." Vern