Cass S.

The fun flight could be part of the program for those who want the rating (maybe after the check ride with the understanding of the additional cost & time it will take) or as the last part of the basic program like I did it (which was perfect for me because I felt like I got to experience all the procedures & takeoffs & landings & do them myself without taking the time to practice them to proficiency as would have been necessary for a rating). I hope to get back up there & fly with you again before too long.  


Regards to everyone, 

Cass S 



I am attaching a couple of the 400 pictures I took on the Kenai - the one of me to show what a good photographer Lura is (it was the best of the bunch) & the one of the Grizzly since it is unique (at least to me) - if

you blow it up enough you really can tell it’s a bear!