Charlie J.

Thanks so much for the greeting card and the letter!  It's been more than six months since my trip to Moose Pass, and I'm still annoying all my non-pilot friends with my stories and photos.  See this link for some (a lot of) photos.  Charlie Jackson, California.


Here's a couple related stories: 


In September, I dragged some of my non-pilot friends to the Clear Lake Splash-in, a few hours north of here [northern California]. Although it was foggy & rainy most of the time, we saw a nice variety of floatplanes. On the final day, I convinced them to take a 20-minute C-172 floatplane ride that one of the local schools was selling. (I was wearing my AK Floats hat.)


I got to talking with the pilot, a CFII named John C. who recognized the AK Floats logo immediately. "Did you get your float rating from Vern???  So did I!"  "Do you know Vern?!?" (He got on the radio and called his friend) "Hey, Mike! I got a guy here who also got his float rating from VERN!!!


He shook my hand and put me in the front left seat. Since I'd never flown a 172 on floats he did the take-off. That was the highlight of the splash-in! 



Shortly after I met you, Vern, you asked me if I had ever flown into Angwin, a tiny field in the wine country not far from where I live. You told me how not long after you got your private pilot certificate that the local FBO at the Napa County Airport would not rent you a plane since you were intending to fly solo to that tiny field. They changed their minds after you told them you learned to fly at Angwin.


So I decided to check it out myself!  Here are a few (really) photos.   No trouble getting in or out, and I really enjoyed the panoramic view you get immediately after take-off. (I do remember you said the strip is longer now than when you learned here.)