Message from Vern

Vern circa 1992

Vern, circa. 1992

Greetings from Moose Pass,

Thanks for looking at my website. I’ve been teaching floats since 1974, all in Alaska. I’ve visited other seaplane schools. And this I can promise you:    


   There's no place else in the world to get the kind of training you’ll get flying on floats that compares to the course I give in my own backyard.  

Right where I live in Moose Pass, Alaska, is as spectacular and challenging a mountain setting as you'll find anywhere.


The lessons you receive here will develop confidence in your future ability to handle and recognize why mountain flying is indeed a skill that should be developed under instruction, not learned by trial and error.


   We are dedicated to providing you the absolute best training in the best location in the world.  


   Not only that, but both airline pilots and private pilots tell me that my flying in Moose Pass is not only a challenge, but the most fun they’ve had in a long time!  


We put the FUN back into Flying!

Vern Kingsford

Vern, circa. 2014

See you on the water!

    Vern Kingsford, ATP, CFII, DPE