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Our instructors love what they do and enjoy every minute spent working with Private Pilots. If you're a Private Pilot looking for a little adventure or simply want to improve your flying skills you can't do better than Alaska Float Ratings. Rather than wag our own tail feathers we prefer to let our students do the talking.


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It's been more than six months since my trip to Moose Pass, and I'm still annoying all my non-pilot friends with my stories and photos. 

Charlie J.

Steve W.

I had a wonderful three days flying in Alaska with Alaska Float Ratings in July 2006. The training was excellent and the Seward area scenery took my breath away – almost as fast as landing short over the trees on a narrow lake surrounded by mountain spires standing like knights on a chess board.

Butch W.

Here are a few words that I sent to some of my friends with these pics.


My favorite place was a little lake in a glacial cirque without a name on the map. They call it Will's lake after Will who was the first to land there. He showed it to me and Shana and politely asked if I wanted him to talk me through the landing or have him demonstrate the landing to me. Will explained that because of the head wall of the cirque, we could only land with calm conditions or a slight tailwind up canyon to be able to take off into the wind down canyon.  It is one of those one-way in, one-way (the way you came) out places.

Cass S.

Just want to thank you again for a great time I had at your place this past week & to thank you for letting me do it "my way". It couldn't have been more perfect for me, doing three hours or so of the basics with your instructors (all great guys by the way) & then that incredible 3hr+ flight in the mountains with Vern which put it all in perspective for me. I think you will find your "new program" will be a big hit & will attract some pilots who want the experience, not the rating like me & will ensure that everyone who flies with you will go home a prospective salesman for you rather than possibly disappointed that they didn't get the rating or even if they did, that they didn't get to "fly for fun" with Vern which is what I think most people come all the way to Alaska for.

John J.

I have some great pict's. Here are a few of my favorites.

Bob R.

Great job on the newsletter and thanks for sending it my way.  I came up to your school in the Spring of 2003 and 2004 with Damian from Andover Flight Academy, NJ.  As you remember, we had the time of our life.  I hope to get up your way again real soon. Too often we forget the lessons learned that will keep us out of trouble.  And then there are those who know those critical elements but do not practice them with each flight they make.