Menu of Bush Flying and Seaplane Lessons 

PA-8 Super Cub $350/hr, Dual at Lake Hood - $350/Hr
PA-18 Super Cub $350/hr, Dual at Trail Lake - $350/Hr
CE-172/180/CS - $395/hr, Dual - $395/hr
Ground School - $50/Hr  Paid directly to instructor 
Dual in your A/C - $125/Hr  Paid directly to instructor (Hull ins req.)


*New-Great Gift Idea! Intro to Float Flying in PA-18 Super Cub

or CE-172-1 Pax Only-$395, No Pilot Certificate or Medical required. 


"Depends on Examiner" about $800 - Initial Private, Commercial or SES 

Please call Vern Kingsford, DPE, for Consultation Prior to check ride

@ 907-362-9178 - Summer Months May through September

or Winter Months October through April. Please leave a voicemail

(I will call you back). or email - Vern at vernkingsford@yahoo.com or alaskafloatratings@gmail.com

NOTE: This is not a “guaranteed rating,” you have to earn it.


You may begin your lessons any day of the week. We  will start your lessons at any time it is convenient to fit your schedule. Plan on 3-4 days. If you are current and very proficient, you can plan on 2-3 days. Checkride on last day. Examiners (DPE’s) must be scheduled 24-48 hours in advance as FAA has some new advisory 


At Lake Hood we start when you want. (depending on Instructor availability) Be sure to read my letter to pilots regarding training at Lake Hood at the bottom of my  home page . It starts out... Please read this Really Important message to Alaska pilots about flying at Lake Hood, When you email or call Vern, be sure to mention if you want your SES lessons, refresher, or BFR out of Lake Hood in Anchorage, or Trail Lake, Moose Pass.


You will not have the experience of mountain flying instruction out of Lake Hood, the mountains are too far away. Some weeks completely booked. Please call Vern for open dates.