Steve W.

I had a wonderful three days flying in Alaska with Alaska Float Ratings in July 2006. The training was excellent and the Seward area scenery took my breath away – almost as fast as landing short over the trees on a narrow lake surrounded by mountain spires standing like knights on a chess board. If the training was good and my strategy right, I just might land in the right place at the right time.



Yet Alaska, I soon learned, runs on its own time. People, planes, and weather make every day here unique and memorable. I had just three days here, but they are as big and memorable as many a three-year period of my life. Skills I learned with Alaska Float Ratings have taken me on to acrobatic flying and to appreciate that regular ongoing training is the best insurance to safe flying.  Those who have been in a flight emergency are the same who say training is the reason why we walked away from it. Alaska Float Ratings makes training fun, challenging and exciting.