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It has been a 47 year aviation dream of mine to obtain my Seaplane Rating in “Real Alaska Bush Mountain Flying,” because I wanted to do it right! Anyone can just check off obtaining a Seaplane Rating in the minimum time in an area that doesn’t present challenging conditions.

However, Moose Pass, Alaska offers one of the most spectacular places, which is surrounded by snow covered mountains, numerous multi color blue lakes and an abundance of wildlife...where there isn’t a Control Tower, ATIS, Unicom or a Windsock.

Magnificent natural beauty describes the environment of Alaska Float Ratings in Moose Pass, Alaska. As a recently retired Boeing 777, 35 year Captain for United Airlines with approximately 27,000 flight hours, including prior experience aa a Check Airman, Simulator Instructor, Corporate and Flight Instructor experience, I had no prior knowledge of Seaplane and Bush Flying in the mountains of Alaska.

I contacted Vern well in advance a few times to find out what I needed to study in advance to provide the best preparation prior to the start of training. Vern was very helpful in providing the proper guidance. I devoted a tremendous amount of self-studying and preparation for my flight lessons prior to and during flight training. The self study preparation covered a wealth of material, which was a huge challenge, but extremely rewarding. If I wasn’t able to research the information successfully, I scheduled Ground Instruction with an instructor. All of the instructors are very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. The more you out into this course, the more you’ll get out of it. 

This unique environment offers numerous lakes within close proximity, which are surrounded by magnificent mountains. This provides a constantly changing and challenging environment where the winds can be prevailing in several directions, even on the same lake! You will encounter up and downdrafts from the surrounding mountains and valleys. Without a Control Tower, ATIS, Unicom or a Windsock, you must determine the wind direction and velocity direction of takeoff and landing and the type of takeoff and landing. That’s where the challenge starts and fun begins!

Based on the water conditions and wind, you’ll have to determine what type of takeoff and/or landing is desired: Normal, Rough Water, Glassy Water or Confined Space.

Alaska Float Plane Ratings in Moose Pass Alaska offers the best location, instructors and equipment nestled in the most picturesque and challenging mountainous terrain. You will take off and land on numerous close by lakes with challenging winds and weather. The mountains, shorelines and approaches offer a wide variety of challenging mountain flying. You can complete your training in a Piper PA-18 Super Cub Seaplane or a Cessna 172 Seaplane.

Excellent professional flight instruction plus many hours of self study prepared me very well for a very successful oral exam and checkride. Vern did an excellent job in providing a safe, professional and pro

— Bill B. | Houston Texas