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Brian Price

From Juneau

Hello Vern!

I hope all is well in Moose Pass. I just wanted to drop you a message and share a picture of Jamie and I at the Juneau airport pond dock. 

When I took this flying job in Juneau last year I recognized Jamie but I couldn't remember where I had met her. During later discussions about her as a Beaver driver, we finally realized that we had Moose Pass in common, and that we met there when I went to get my initial SES back in 2009(I think). It was fun talking about our experiences there on the Kenai and how your training affected our lifepaths. She went on to get some more flight training, eventually land the Beaver job on floats, and is now working on her A&P in Fairbanks. Me, I used my rating for just fun, mainly flying a amphib Maule around my home lakes in AZ. After selling my auto body company in 2015, I decided to take this job in Juneau flying 207s and 208s on wheels. After proving myself for a season and gaining valuable SE Alaska time, I finally got the float Beaver job as well.

Neither one of us would be doing what we are now without having the excellent core of fundamental float training that  Darlene, Dwayne, and yourself  provided. Looking back, it really was solid training, not just a logbook entry. 


Thanks again! 

Brian Price 


Alaska Seaplanes

Zach H


I just got back from my time at Alaska Float Planes. What a great experience, the most fun flying I have done in ten years of flying. I followed the course and questions as prescribed and was 100% prepared and confident for my checkride. Great job by my CFI Joey. Would highly recommend this course. Fly into ANC and a beautiful easy drive down to Moose Pass. Ready to come back!


Chris P


This is the "stick and rudder" course you've never had, but need.

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