Top Eleven Reasons

1. A professionally organized course with a syllabus, 116 question open-book study guide, and the SES practical test standard so that your flying time is not wasted and your ground time is used efficiently and productively.


2. I designed this course myself, so you get the benefit of my flying and teaching floats for over 36 years!


3. Fly in the mountains, not the flatlands, you experience real mountain flying in addition to your float instruction - for FREE!


4. Working bush pilots are your instructors so you get real world instruction from those who do it every day!


5. Uncontrolled "G" airspace so you do not waste any of your time!


6. Fly on and off various size lakes so you get real world varied experience and not just repeat one experience over and over again!


7. The various size lakes are all within a few minutes of base so you do not waste your time flying cross-country!


8. I was the Director of Training for a large commuter carrier in Alaska, so if you’re an airline pilot, I can relate to your airline training and point out that energy management, etc. is just as important in flying floats.


9. The Super Cubs --- N917VK and N762LA on Edo 2000s, and N45JM on Wipline 2100s --- are well-maintained airplanes and have been restored meticulously with no sloppy controls, so that you have fine examples of flying equipment to work with.


10. Bragging rights! When you get your training from Alaska Float Ratings, you really become part of an elite group who has trained here --- astronauts, airline captains, fighter pilots, high-time bush pilots, and others who sought real training --- not just a rating.

Watch this video and you will see - you'll be flying in Wild Alaska on every flight!