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Best float school in the world

If you could imagine flying in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, surrounded by majestic mountains, deep blue lakes around every ridge, seeing the big Alaskan brown bears, moose, bald eagles and big horn sheep on almost every flight, combined with the best float plane instruction you can get.....then you might be getting close to what its like to get your float plane rating at Vern’s school. It’s nothing short of amazing.

As a captain for Delta Airlines with over 18000 hours of flying time and prior experience in the USAF, night freight, corporate, and flight instructing, I was the low man on the ladder experience wise. The wisdom, expertise, and generations of experience that Vern and his flight instructors pass on to his students is invaluable. They’ve been teaching for a long time and their system and method of instruction are very well thought out and organized. Vern’s school is one of the most thorough, professional and safety conscious programs I’ve ever attended. I was challenged and I worked hard preparing both before and during the program, but there’s a saying in life that the more you put into something the more you get out of it and that definitely applies to his program. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.....like a good movie that you never want to end.

The day I finished my check ride my instructor and I flew up to this little hidden gem of a lake and caught rainbow trout on almost every cast. We were catching and releasing them but one got hooked pretty deep and didn’t survive. It was floating about 10 yards in front of us when a bald eagle swooped down with its talons extended and snatched it off the surface. It was a National Geographic moment.

Bottom line: I can’t imagine learning to fly float planes anywhere in the world that would surpass the experience at Verns school in Moose pass.

Moose Pass, Ak. on Trail Lake offers location, equipment, value, some of the most beautiful challenging terrain and weather in the world.  Giving you opportunities to experience real world flying, not just same milk run repeated over and over variations-on-a-theme simulations.

You will land on multiple mountain lakes, be challenged by different winds, shorelines and approaches. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions! 
No where else in the world will you find this opportunity.  AND I know! Some
clients did search the world. They told me so.


Navigate glaciers, mountains, lakes and narrow sheer-walled valleys, all within six minutes of base and no ATC! Spend more time learning float and mountain flying techniques and less time droning cross country. If you can fly floats here, you are good to go anywhere. Follow the links below to learn more about the Alaska Float Ratings experience.

Seaplane flying tips from Alaska
Top Eleven Reasons

You will experience the very Best - The best Training in a Fantastic "Wild Alaskan" location using our PA-18 Supercubs.


Why You Should Choose 

 Corporation says, "If you want more than just a rating, then go see Vern.

I highly recommend Alaska Float Ratings."

Alaska Float Ratings

11th reason - J.J. Frey (to the left in one of our cubs), one of the most knowledgeable people in the world about seaplane flying, a sought-after speaker, author of the best selling book "How to Fly Floats"  and former President of EDO 

Flying Floats

Earning your Single Engine Sea Rating here at our Trail Lake location is an adventure in Alaska flying that will excite you for a lifetime whenever you think about it! You'll find out if you have what it takes to fly the bush.

Flying floats is one of the most

exciting forms of flying and the

closest to "Barn Storming"  that

a pilot can get in today's world

of flying. Flying floats combines

the exhilaration and pleasures

of sailing, boating and flying.

 "You do not rise to the occassion, You rise to the level of your training and practise."


I came to realize this after years as a CFI, and

   Director of Training for a commuter airlines.

                       Vern Kingsford

 Would you like to feel comfortable when flying in the mountains?

 Do you want to improve your flying skills, or emergency procedures? 

 Do you sometimes lack confidence, not sure what to do next?


        This is the flight school for you!

Read what Karen, owner of a CE-172, discovered when she came to Moose Pass. You can read why she says to earn your seaplane rating here  when you click on Read More below.

What do I mean by "Real Alaska Bush Flying"?


That our location in this rugged mountainous environment provides you the ultimate conditions to experience Alaska Bush Flying, mountain flying, and earn an SES rating too.


You will not have ATC, ATIS, Unicom, or even a windsock. You are on your own. You will not have runways, either paved or dirt. You wlll determine the wind direction and velocity.

You will have actual tiny, remote, mountain lakes midst steep, tight, narrow canyons, where you will learn to read the water and choose where you must land. You will experience the "Real Deal." 


What I call "Real Alaska Bush Flying," or some call it flying in the Wild Alaska.